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Greek salad with spinach, goat cheese, orange and pistachios

The Iberian pistachio is a perfect source of protein for any of your salads. Today we present you one that mixes the traditional with the most avant-garde techniques.

Greek salad with spinach, goat cheese, orange and pistachios

Ingredients (4p):

Fresh spinach 200g Goat cheese 100g Orange one pistachios twenty Extra virgin olive oil to taste Sherry vinegar to taste salt a bit

How to prepare it:

We start by washing the spinach well and removing any stalk that the sprouts may have because we are looking for the most tender leaves and their intense green color. Once washed and dried we place them on a source covering their entire surface. With a ball punch we form small balls of goat cheese that we will compact by squeezing a little with our fingers. As we form them, we place them on the spinach so that they are distributed. In the holes we are distributing the slices of oranges peeled live. To continue, we put shelled pistachios in the holes of the salad, to achieve an interesting contrast of flavors and textures in each bite. Before serving the salad, we dress it with a pinch of salt, a good splash of extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of sherry vinegar and let the diners mix the ingredients in their dishes.

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