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We opt for the union of the sector around sustainability, achieved through good practices, maximum quality products and collaboration with research, as a way to gain the prestige of European pistachios in the international market.

We are commited to food security and a fair and inclusive ecological transition, where the rural-urban relationship is strengthened for a common well-being.


To provide a legal instrument, with visibility in the nut agri-food sector.

To promote, encourage and stimulate the consumption of pistachio nuts at a national and European level.

To support research as means to increases knowledge and good practices in the sector.

To coordinate and harmonize pistachio quality standards, being ready to advise governmental bodies on their importance.

To improve quality through advice and verification of these standards, in three essential areas: the production of plant material and inputs, agriculture itself, and processing and marketing.

To promote excellence and good practices, both in production and marketing.

To be a source of meaningful information for our associates.

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