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European Pistachio Council... Why?

The need for an association that brings together all the links in the pistachio value chain is essential to maintain a healthy sector with a guarantee of progress. Let us tell you why:

Exponential growth: the European pistachio sector has been experiencing very sharp and rapid growth for the last 10 years. For this reason, it lacks the associative structure that other sectors have, which guarantees the sustainability of the sector. The EPC's mission is to become the associative axis of the European Pistachio.

Unifying the sector: at present, there are many types of companies, cooperatives and organisations, all dedicated to pistachio harvesting, but with different specialisations. A common channel is needed to act on behalf of all of them: the EPC.

Representation and lobbying: As a sector in constant evolution, communication with regulatory bodies must be ensured on an ongoing basis. To this end, the EPC assumes the task of representing and defending the sector's interests.

Connection with analogous associations: in veteran pistachio producing countries such as the USA or Iran, national associations are very strong in the representation of their sector. The EPC promotes collaboration and the creation of synergies between our European market and similar associations to promote the development of the sector, business opportunities and mutual learning.

Scientific expert committee: The sector needs experts to advise on issues of general concern. To this end, the EPC is working on the creation of a committee of expert and knowledgeable personalities who can assess problems in the sector and propose solutions.

Creating a European pistachio culture: Europe also produces pistachios and is not just an importer. The development of promotional activities and the creation of block awareness of the benefits of this nut is one of the main objectives of the EPC. It is essential that the world understands that apart from the Middle East and California, there is another pistachio producing bloc in the world: Europe, with Spain as the main producer country.

There are many more ways in which the EPC can add value to our sector. Thanks to the support of our partners, we work daily to expand our services and possibilities.

If you are interested in our mission, please contact us! We will be pleased to hear from you.

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